The first agave field experience on The Sandbox is launching, Casa San Matias blurred the line between the digital world and reality on this online celebration that honors Mexican traditions at its fullest.

This October, Casa San Matias will launch their first virtual endeavor on The Sandbox, and they’ve chosen the iconic Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration to open the gates to the first blue agave field on the metaverse, blurring the line between the living and the spirit world, and building a bridge straight to the digital underworld.

Día de Muertos is a popular Mexican tradition that honors the dead. For two whole days, entire families get together to reunite with the souls of their departed relatives to celebrate their lives and deaths with a feast including their favorite food, drinks and music. Casa San Matias honors the tradition this year with it’s latest launch:

The opportunity to experience the tequila tradition and process will be available worldwide this October 28, when the
Casa San Matias metaverse opens its gates.

One of the main features that makes CSM unique is the traditional and artisanal process that they’ve maintained throughout the years, making it a destination for tequila enthusiasts from all around the world.

A faithful replica of the actual estate was developed on The Sandbox, including the main plaza, the traditional cantina, and the blue agave field, but Casa San Matias didn’t stop there.

While keeping their traditions alive, they also took the space into a futuristic scene that features floating agave fields, hidden bars and the infamous underworld where the living and the dead collide, taking users into a one of a kind journey into the tequila and Dia de Muertos festivities.

Users can start unlocking these features and rewards right now on the Casa San Matias Discord community, which is now active and can be joined here. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the traditional Dia de Muertos with Casa San Matias on The Sandbox Game Maker - Gallery


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Casa San Matías is a tequila company founded in 1886 fully supported by Mexican capital. Since its creation, it has been in constant evolution looking for the right land to plant, the best wood for its barrels and even with its venture into digital commerce, taking advantage of technological advances.

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